Wednesday, August 15, 2018


Sandy Markwick

Message from the Chief Operating Officer & Publishing Director – Sandy Markwick


Dear friends,

Thank you for exploring our website. We are continually developing our resources and networks of subject area experts, commentators and policymakers to ensure we deliver exemplary stakeholder communications for our partners that are meaningful and have visual impact. If you are a government body, NGO, industry association or transnational institution seeking a publishing partner to provide strategic stakeholder communications we’d be delighted to explore how we could work together. Please do get in touch.

World Economic Intelligence Group

WORLDEI is dedicated to the exchange of ideas with the aim of promoting worldwide economic development and poverty alleviation.

Whether the focus is on topics of multinational or bilateral interest or on single territories and jurisdictions, WORLDEI brings together thought leaders and decision-makers to encourage international trade and investment, institution-building and the growth of strategic sectors.

WORLDEI works with governments and transnational organisations to help communicate strategies and opportunities to multiple stakeholders, including investors, government officials, policymakers, academics, journalists, NGOs and business leaders. Readers trust our publications and online platforms as a neutral source, aggregating leading thinking on economic and investment trends. WORLDEI extends the conversation, reinforcing the communication of ideas and messaging, through conferences, roundtable events and engaging video content.