Green Delta Insurance Company Ltd. (GDIC) – the first general insurance company in Bangladesh to have received the prestigious AAA credit rating for two consecutive years, have always been leading the insurance industry with its range of innovative product line that caters the needs of various consumer segments. Nibedita being such a product. Nibedita is the first comprehensive insurance scheme for women, not just in Bangladesh but the South East Asia.


Early Days

Nibedita was initiated in 2013. It was the brainchild of Farzana Chowdhury ACII (UK) and Chartered Insurer, Managing Director and CEO of GDIC. She holds the unique distinction of being the first female CEO in the Bangladesh Insurance Industry. It is through her visionary and dynamic leadership that Nibedita came to being.

The nurturing and support of its visionary employees such as Ms. Cowdhury and the implementation of innovative projects and products have led to an improvement of the conditions of women employees within the company. It has also put GDIC as a pioneer in empowering women in the insurance sector of Bangladesh.


What Makes Nibedita Unique

What makes Nibedita unique is the fact that beside regular accidental coverage, it also gives trauma allowance for rape, road bullying and acid victims. Launched in 2013, Nibedita has been availed by more than 3000 women across Bangladesh. Both rural and urban women can take the Nibedita policy. Since its inception, Nibedita has been serving women as a partner in need. The policy itself is very affordable staring from an annual premium of BDT 580 with a maximum coverage of BDT 1,000,000.


UN Recognizes Nibedita’s Impact on Women’s Lives

Recentlly Farzana Chowdhury has been recognized as one of the 10 Local SDG Pioneers by H.E. Ban Ki-Moon  at the UN Global Leaders Summit 2016 in New York. She has been hailed as a pioneer for womens‘ economic security for her able leadership in guiding her teammates with Nibedita in increasing women’s freedom  and playing a pivotal role in achieving SDG 5 of Gender Equality and Women Empowerment.

Ms. Farzana Chowdhury, Managing Director and CEO of Green Delta Insurance Company Ltd. elaborates on Nibedita saying, “Green Delta Insurance Company Ltd. has created a platform for growth, corporate governance, youth leadership and specially women empowerment. More than 52% of our population is female today and when it comes to human rights, women are always the ones that get neglected and their rights are frequently violated. Nibedita has been launched keeping the healthcare, safety and social needs of the females of our nation in mind and we are going beyond insurance”.


One Stop Service Platform

Green Delta is continuously trying to create a one-stop service solution platform for women. Keeping that in mind, it has designed a mobile app for the policy holders. The app is mainly introduced to provide women with economic security. Through this app, women will have access to safety, health, education, information, finance, capacity development, life style and so on. As a result, both rural and urban women will be able to avail various services from different stakeholders and thus become more self-reliant. We strongly believe that this mechanism will create a safety net for the females and go a long way in creating gender equality and women empowerment in our society.


To Conclude…

Nibedita is working as the voice of the voiceless. It can inspire the oppressed women and act as their partner in need. This product aims at bringing a positive and visible change in the society. With the Nibedita policy women will find strength in their time of perils. Thus Nibedita is playing a vital role in shaping the mindset of the women of Bangladesh to become self-dependent.